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Birth Doula Support

Doula support during pregnancy can help ease anxieties when the “what if's” arise. As your doula I will remind you of all your options and help you make informed decisions that feel right for your family.

In labor I will offer physical support in the form of comfort techniques, positions to progress labor, and allowing your partner to rest and take care of themselves so they can better take care of you. I will offer informational support, helping you to feel more confident about each part of your birthing journey.

Package Details 

  • 3 Prenatal Visits

  • Child Birth Education

  • Birth Ball

  • Birth Plan Writing 

  • Labor Support

  • Initial Breastfeeding Support immediately after birth

  • Unlimited call, text, Email support.

  • On-call At 37 Weeks

  • Discharge Support

  • 2 Postpartum Visits

  • & MORE

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